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For about two quarts and a half of cream use a pint and a half of milk, a quart of thin cream, two cupfuls of sugar, two ounces of Walter Baker & Co.'s Premium No. 1 Chocolate, two eggs, and two heaping tablespoonfuls of flour.

Put the milk on to boil in a double-boiler. Put the flour and one cupful of the sugar in a bowl; add the eggs, and beat the mixture until light. Stir this into the boiling milk, and cook for twenty minutes, stirring often.

Scrape the chocolate, and put it in a small saucepan. Add four tablespoonfuls of sugar (which should be taken from the second cupful) and two tablespoonfuls of hot water. Stir over a hot fire until smooth and glossy. Add this to the cooking mixture.

When the preparation has cooked for twenty minutes, take it from the fire and add the remainder of the sugar and the cream, which should be gradually beaten into the hot mixture. Set away to cool, and when cold, freeze.

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Use one pint of stale bread broken in crumbs, one quart of milk, two eggs, half a
teaspoonful of salt, half a teaspoonful of ground cinnamon, three tablespoonfuls of sugar and two ounces of Walter Baker & Co.'s Chocolate, grated.

Put the bread, milk, cinnamon, and chocolate in a bowl, and soak for two or three hours. Beat together the eggs, sugar, and salt. Mash the soaked bread with a spoon, and add the egg mixture to the bread and milk.

Pour into a pudding-dish, and bake in a slow oven for about forty minutes. Serve with an egg sauce or a vanilla cream sauce.

EGG SAUCE.—Beat the whites of two eggs to a stiff, dry froth; and beat into this, a little at a time, one cupful of powdered sugar. When smooth and light, add one teaspoonful of vanilla and the yolks of two eggs.

Beat the mixture a little longer; then stir in one cupful of whipped cream or three
tablespoonfuls of milk. Serve at once.

VANILLA CREAM SAUCE.—Beat to a cream three tablespoonfuls of butter, and gradually beat into this two-thirds of a cupful of powdered sugar. When this is light and creamy, add a teaspoonful of vanilla; then gradually beat in two cupfuls of whipped cream.

Place the bowl in a pan of boiling water, and stir constantly for three minutes. Pour
the sauce into a warm bowl, and serve.


Put a pint of milk in the double-boiler and on the fire. Mix three tablespoonfuls of
cornstarch with a gill of milk and one-third of a teaspoonful of salt. Stir this into the milk when it boils.

Beat the whites of four eggs to a stiff froth, and then gradually beat into them half a cupful of powdered sugar and one teaspoonful of vanilla. Add this to the cooking
mixture, and beat vigorously for one minute.

Rinse a mould in cold water, and pouring the pudding into it, set away to cool.
At serving-time turn out on a flat dish, and serve with chocolate sauce.

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Put one pint of milk in the double-boiler, and on the fire. Shave two ounces of Walter Baker and Co.'s Chocolate, and put it in a small pan with four tablespoonfuls of sugar and two of boiling water.

Stir over the fire until smooth and glossy, and add to the hot milk. Beat together for eight minutes the yolks of four eggs, three tablespoonfuls of sugar, and a saltspoonful of salt, and then add one gill of cold milk.

Pour the boiling milk on this, stirring well. Return to the double-boiler, and cook for five minutes, stirring all the time. Pour into a cold bowl and set the bowl in cold water.

Stir for a few minutes, and then occasionally until the sauce is cold. This sauce is nice for cold or hot cornstarch pudding, bread pudding, cold cabinet pudding, snow pudding, etc.

It will also answer for a dessert. Fill custard glasses with it, and serve the same as soft custard; or have the glasses two-thirds full, and heap up with whipped cream.


One cupful of molasses, two cupfuls of sugar, one cupful of milk, one-half pound of chocolate, a piece of butter half the size of an egg.

Boil the milk and molasses together, scrape the chocolate fine, and mix with just enough of the boiling milk and molasses to moisten; rub it perfectly smooth, then, with the sugar, stir into the boiling liquid; add the butter, and boil twenty minutes.

Try as molasses candy, and if it hardens, pour into a buttered dish. Cut the same as nut candy.

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Gelatin Rainbow
6 1/4 c Boiling water
2 Jello(red); 4 serving size
2 Jello(Orange); 4 serving
2 Jello(Lemon); 4 serving
2 Jello(Lime); 4 serving
2 Jello(Berry Blue); 4 serving
8 oz Cool whip

Stir 1 1/4 cups boiling water into each flavor of gelatin in separate bowls until completely dissolved (2 minutes). Pour each flavor into separate 8 or 9" square pans. Refrigerate 3 hours or until firm.
Cut each pan into 1" cubes. Arrange rows of different color gelatin cubes to form a rainbow on a large flat tray or cookie sheet. Double stack cubes, if desired. Place 1/2 of the cool whip at each end of the rainbow to form clouds for dipping. Serve immediately or refrigerate until ready to serve.

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Caramel-Nut Corn
12 c Poppped popcorn
3 c Walnut or pecan halves OR- unblanched whole - almonds
1 c Packed brown sugar
1/2 c Margarine or butter
1/4 c Light corn syrup
1/2 ts Salt
1/2 ts Baking soda

Divide popcorn and nuts between 2 ungreased rectangular pans, 13x9x2 inches. Cook brown sugar, margarine, corn syrup and salt over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until bubbly around edges. Continue cooking 5 minutes; remove from heat. Stir in baking soda until foamy. Pour over popcorn and nuts, stirring until corn is well coated. Bake uncovered in 200 degree F oven, stirring every 15 minutes, 1 hour.

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Caramel Corn
6 qt Popcorn, no salt, no butter 1 c Butter 2 c Brown sugar 1/3 c Light corn syrup 1/2 t Salt 1/2 t
Baking soda 1 t Vanilla

Preheat oven to 250 F. Pour popcorn in a 17x12x2" roasting pan or large foil pan; set aside. Melt butter in medium saucepan over medium heat. Add sugar, corn syrup and salt. Stir until mixture starts to boil. The syrup should boil over its entire surface. Boil 5 minutes without stirring. Remove from heat. Stir in soda and vanilla then pour the caramel mixture over the popcorn, stirring to coat. Bake, uncovered, 1 hr, stirring every 15 mins. Add nuts just before cooling.

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My First Award
I was surprise after visit my friend Zaity, you know what? I have been given awards...

Hehehe, its my first to have awards. For Zaity thank you very much for giving me awards, and I will take care that awards.

And for all my friend, thank you so much, this was not happen if you not here, and we will be friend forever and will be together. Once again, thank you very much.

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Carmel Corn Pops
1 Box (10.9 oz) Corn Pops
1 c Pecan halves
1/2 c Butter
1 c Sugar
1/2 c Light corn syrup
1 ts Vanilla
1 ts Baking soda

Preheat oven to 250 degrees. Combine cereal and nuts in a greased, large, shallow baking pan. In a saucepan, bring butter, sugar and corn syrup to a boil and cook for 5 min. Remove from heat: add vanilla and soda. Pour caramel mixture over cereal and nuts; stir well. Bake for 1 hour, stirring every 15 min. Pour onto waxed paper and break apart; allow to cool. Store in airtight container. Makes 10 cups.

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Carmeled Peanuts
1 lb Peanuts
1 Egg white
1 ts Cold water
1 c Brown sugar
1/4 ts Salt

Beat egg white and water until frothy - not stiff. Add peanuts, stir until they are well coated.
Combine sugar and salt then pour this over the nuts & eggwhite mixture. Bake at 225 on a greased, tinfoil lined cookie sheet. Stir every 15 minutes for 1 hour.

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Chex Muddy Buddies
9 c Chex cereal; your favorites
1 c Semi-sweet chocolate pieces
1/2 c Peanut butter
1/4 c Margarine
1 ts Vanilla
1 1/2 c Powdered sugar

Mix cereals in large bowl - set aside. Combine chocolate, margarine and peanut butter and microwave on high for 1 to 2 minutes until melted. Stir in vanilla. Pour chocolate mixture over cereal, stirring to coat evenly.

Pour coated cereal into large resealable bag and add powdered sugar. Shake until evenly coated. Spread on waxed paper to cool. Makes 9 cups.

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Chocolate Snack Blocks
3 Envelopes Unflavored Gelatin
3/4 c Cold Water
1 c Boiling Water
1/3 c Granulated Sugar
2 c (12 Ounces) Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mini Chips

In a blender, sprinkle the gelatin over the cold water and let stand for 5 minutes. Add the boiling water and sugar, cover and blend on low speed until the gelatin is completely dissolved, about 2 minutes. Continue to blend, gradually adding small amounts of the chocolate chips until the chips are melted and the mixture is smooth. Pour into an 8- or 9-inch square pan. Refrigerate until firm and cut into 1-inch squares or shapes with cookie cutters.

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Chunky Date, Coconut and Almond Granola
2 c Old-fashioned oats
3/4 c Whole almonds; halved
1/2 c Sweetened flaked coconut
1/2 c Raw cashews
1/3 c Firmly packed brown sugar
1 1/2 ts Ground allspice
1 ts Ground cinnamon
1/4 c Unsalted butter
2 tb Honey
1 c Packed pitted dates each cut crosswise into thirds

Preheat oven to 300 F. Mix first 7 ingredients in large bowl. Melt butter with honey in heavy small saucepan over low heat. Pour over granola mixture and toss well. Spread out mixture on cookie sheet. Bake 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add dates; mix to separate any clumps. Continue to bake until granola is golden brown, stirring frequently, about 15 minutes longer. Cool. (Can be made 2 weeks ahead. Store airtight at room temperature.)

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Cracker Jacks
1/2 c Unpopped popcorn
2 tb Unrefined Safflower Oil
1/4 c Peanuts
2 tb Sunflower Seeds
2 tb Sesame Seeds
1/4 c Pecans
1/4 c Almonds
1/4 c Coconut
1/4 c Raw honey, or up to 1/2 c Raw honey

Pop popcorn and set aside. Heat a heavy skillet on medium heat. Add oil, just enough to barely coat the bottom of the pan. Add peanuts and seeds; roast lightly; add nuts and coconut; continue roasting until the coconut begins to turn golden brown. Remove from heat and stir in the popcorn and honey. Eat while warm or serve as a snack.

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Crunchy Noodle Jumble
3 oz (1 cn) chow mein noodles;
1/2 ts Chili powder;
1/4 ts Garlic salt;
1/4 ts Dry mustard;
2 tb Reduced-calorie margarine, melted
1 tb Reduce soduim soy sauce;

Combine all ingredients in a 13" X 9" X 2" baking pan, tossing lightly to coat. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes, stirring once during baking time. Remove from oven, and serve hot.

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