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In the evening, me and my family have a favorite time when we all sitting in front of television. In that time, usually me and my family have sitting together and talk each other about everything was happen today. All stories were telling by member of my family, their doing something job, or activities in their office, school or even in university. The topic of our story not just relevant for today but sometimes we make a small dream about what we want to reach in next day, next week, next month or something like that.

In that room, usually me and my family usually talk with drink a cup of coffee or tea with snack or small cake, of course those cake was made by my moms, and enjoy that moments as beautifull moments for my family. My moms usually make teas for my father, me, and my brother and sister. We enjoy that moments, because in that time we all member of family can talk each other with fun, relax, and still can watch television.

Now, in November, we all have little small plan to celebrate Christmas together. Usually in Christmas, we make a gift to another member of family and give gift to them, and this gift have to put into Christmas gift baskets, and we have to turn one by one to take that gifts. We trying to give different gift in every year so that gift can not unpredictable by other member of family because each of us are really like to make surprise to another member of family.

And not to forget, my moms make Christmas cake that really delicious and my moms not forget to make one or two cakes again to giving into my grandfather’s house or my uncle’s house. My moms cake was a moments that have been waiting for that time because that cake was really makes me not to stop to eat that cake.


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