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I never attend a agent from a bank that offers to open accounts in the bank. I do not know where he got the name, address, and my job. In the beginning, I do not know if he is an agent from a bank that is in my city, but after talking further, the agent was introducing himself that he is the agent or officer of a bank that wants to offer a product that was launched recently. Officials from the bank was also explained that he get the name, address, and my work through the phone book given by his friends.

We exchange ideas about many economic situation now. In the current era of globalization, which is intended, many of the bank, which started shakily, if not financially supported by the good. In addition, the bank also began to instill confidence so high that people can save money with a feeling of security and calm. Community can begin to enjoy the various products offered by the parties without doubt because the bank provides a detailed explanation about the products.

Officials from the bank was coming to my house, to offer a service that was launched recently. A program of making citi credit card to people who need a card with various facilities. My explanation is given with details about the product. I think, is a good step to come into home consumers and to provide explanations so that consumers can ask various things about the product.

And I decided to discuss it first with my family, because I do not want to decide themselves. Then agents from the bank was to provide a business card that will be easier for me to contact them if I need help.


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