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Mall In My Town
One day I went to the mall with my friends to see the goods are there. In fact the situation in the mall is already a lot different than months ago. Many changes have occurred, especially for the clothing store, which was their fragmentary, has now been placed on the 1st floor and 2nd floor. For toys, placed on the 4th floor with the food court. 3rd floor, there is a special shop that sells books and magazines that I think the content is very complete.

At the time I was in the 1st floor, I see in the middle of a shopping mall offers a home to purchase various types. Start from the small type to big size type, and for the price, the developer is to give a special discount offer for later this month and the buyer will get a discount prize. I think, offers such as this will attract more prospective buyers, because the regulation is supported with a good outlet, the banner that they showing is very clearly that their products are very interesting.

I see in the stalls that offer housing before, is visited by many people. I had heard them talking about the information about the facilities that will be obtained by prospective buyers, more than that, I also hear the sentence adjustable rate mortgage is often mentioned by the developer. I do not understand the meaning of that sentence.

Finally, my friends and continue to see the contents of the mall. In the 3rd floor, me and my friends have to visit a bookstore and have a friend who buy books on philosophy, economics, business and even have a friend who buy the comic book.


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